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Nathula Pass


Nathula Pass is one of the most viewed passes of the Himalayan region across India and it is one of the most ancient and historic passes too. Beside the fact that it was the pass which was once a part of the Silk Route from India to Tibet and beside the fact that the pass was extensively used by the British to make business with that of Nepal and Tibet, this is one of the passes of India that has several references, though in other names, in the ancient books. As a tourist spot, the area is wonderful. While in winter, the roads remained blocked for extensive snow, the pass remains open throughout the year and it remains covered with snow and snowy wildlife, holding the borderline of India and present China.

Historic reference of the place

The place is regarded to be highly historic for the extensive use of the British, the Chinese and the Indian businessmen of past too, using the silk route. The place is however mentioned has in the ancient epics too. This was the land of the Tirgatas and they had participated in different wars of Mahabharata times too. Moreover, the place was in use by the different saints of India and Buddhists. Hence is one of the top locations for the historians too.

Tourist Spot more than historic location

Now the pass is one of the best locations of entire India, in terms of tourism. The pass is high above and in the summertime, the temperature of the place never exceeds 15-degree centigrade, thus the place enjoys cold and temperate weather throughout the year, which also becomes a paradise for the tourists.

How to reach

Nathula Pass is in the borderline of India and China and hence is one of the locations where you will have to get a permit to reach. After taking permission from the government of Gangtok, the place can be visited. Getting permission is not so easy. Hence, it will be better to get there through any traveling company. It is only 54 kilometers from the city of Gangtok.

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