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Hanuman Tok


Tok in the local language of Sikkim means temple and hence Hanuman Tok is the spot of Hanuman Temple. The place where Hanuman temple (Hanuman Tok) lies is a great location and is also a place of great interest for the tourists. In fact, the place is much better than only a mere temple. This gives such a view to the tourists that you can never forget that in your lifetime.

What you can find

The temple is located at the top of a relatively short height hill. The hilltop remains free from snow, all the time of the year, except that in the winter season. However, apart from the temple, while you go up through the stairs, which are paved too, you will find the best view of the entire city of Gangtok. The temple gallery center is also a great location where the entire city of Gangtok can be viewed from one end and from the other end you can find the Grand view of Kanchenjunga peak.

What to do

The temple comes in the middle path from Tsomgo Lake to the Nathula pass and is also regarded as a resting place. It is said that a minister of the state found a dream and on that, he constructed a temple on the hilltop. The temple looks are like a pagoda only, however inside the temple you can find the idol of Hanumanji. Hence, while moving to the Nathula, You can take some rest here, with some divine moments and some divine views.


The temple is attached to washrooms, which has a separate facility for male and female. Hence this place can be regarded as a perfect location, where you can relax a bit in the long trek of yours and your family.

How to reach

The temple comes in between the Tsomgo Lake and Nathula pass and hence is one of the halting stations. So, there is no need to get to the place separately, since the area is covered in the regular site map of the tourism companies. Just get the booking from the right one and reach the temple.

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