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Thakurbari Temple


The Thakurbari Temple in the heart of Gangtok is a piece of evidence to the fact that the Chogyals, monarchs of the former kingdom of Sikkim, were tolerant of other religions. The land to construct the temple was donated by a ruler of the Namgyal dynasty in 1935 and this is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the region.
Thakurbari Temple attracts several devotees from all over the nation. For those who visit Sikkim for its religious shrines and structures, this temple is a must-visit. Thakurbari Temple houses all the important deities connected with Hinduism. The architecture is nothing to write home about but the serenity of the inner sanctum stands in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.
If you’re visiting this temple between October to November your trip might just match with Chhath Puja. This ancient Hindu Vedic festival is celebrated with a lot of flair at Thakurbari Temple. Said to be the most eco-friendly of all Hindu festivals, and is centered around Surya, the Sun God, the god of energy.
Besides Chhath Puja, Thakurbari Temple also celebrates a variety of Hindu festivals all through the year. If you’re lucky you might just be around when a light and sound show is set up for travelers and pilgrims.

When to reach

The temple is open to visitors from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The best time to explore this temple is in the early hours of the morning as the priests conduct their rituals and you can get a glimpse into the Hindu community of Sikkim.

How to reach

To reach board a cab from MG Marg Market, Gangtok, and head south-east towards Tibet Road. From there, take a left onto Bhanu Path Road and a sharp left onto NH10. Thakurbari Temple is a 10-minute drive from MG Marg.
If you’d like to get a feel of Gangtok city, take a walk down to this temple. While it might take you longer to reach, you will encounter several helpful locals who will direct you to this religious center.

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