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Saramsa Garden


Constructed in 1922, Saramsa Garden was established to produce fruits for the colonial officers and the Namgyal Royal Family. The Forest Manager’s concern in horticulture and floriculture indicated the garden soon became the place to include new varieties of fruits and flowers. Everything from oranges to lychees, guavas to pineapples were planted here.
Post-1940, a particular medicinal plant was cultivated here and the garden is still home to several plants that have curative abilities.
Don’t forget to visit the massive nursery inside that forms a display of Sikkim’s rich floriculture. Saramsa Garden is the perfect foundation for botany lovers who visit Sikkim because of its rich flora. The bushes and short tress spread around Samsara Garden are shaped into different shapes adding to the aesthetic of the park.
The park is divided into several blocks, and one of the most beautiful segments is towards the north-west as you enter the main gate. A canopy of trees has grown thick blocking out the sunlight and creating a natural shed where one can sit and spend some quality time amidst nature.

What to see

If you are the kind of person who enjoys exploring gardens and their flowers, Saramsa is where you should land up. The government of Sikkim has allowed for the cultivation of a variety of orchids and other flora in this recreation park, modifying the spot into a lush garden.
For those traveling with their families to Sikkim, Saramsa Garden is the perfect picnic spot. One can take long walks in this decorated park. Walk over ancient footbridges, past faux-Victorian lampposts, and evergreen hedges of varying heights. On a clear day, Saramsa Garden attracts both locals and tourists. You can even view the flowing streams of the River Rani from this park.

When to reach

Saramsa Park is open all through the week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can bypass the crowd by landing up early on a weekday. The park is at its best when you can explore the flora. One needs to purchase ₹10 as an entry fee.

How to reach

Saramsa Garden is 14.1 km away from Gangtok. A 45-minute taxi ride will take you down Indira Bypass Road and you know the garden is near when you pass the Shiva Panchayatan Temple, on the way.
The garden is located between the hill slopes of Pakyong and Gangtok and is 2kms from Ranipool, the scenic east Sikkim town.

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