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Kupup town located at the altitude of 13,000 feet gives marvelous views of the famous Elephant Lake, which got the name from its shape that looks like an elephant. Kupup is one of the most astounding towns in the area, which was a noted travel point amid the silk exchange among India and Tibet. If you are attempting through the Old Silk Route to Dzuluk and Jelep La Pass, this destination is an absolute necessity to have on your schedule. It comes just before the Baba Mandir. It’s irrelevant to attempt and portray the beauty of the place in words. It is near the Indo-China outskirt and has dependably given nature lovers and adventure lovers the much-wanted pleasure of an impressive visit. On the off chance that you ever plan an Old Silk Route visit, keep in mind to stop by this nature-loaded ideal environment.

What to see

Yak Golf Course

Located at 13,025 feet above ocean level, the Yak Golf Course has been recorded as the World’s most astounding Golf Course by the Guinness Book of World Records. Inaugurated in 1972, the Yak Golf Course got its first makeover in 1979 by Brigadier J M Singh. In any case, it was finished as an entire 18-opening Golf Course under Brigadier Ranbir Singh and Col. T K Murali. Subsidiary to the Indian Golf Union (IGU) since 1985, the Yak Golf Course estimating 6,025 yards long highlights fairways crosswise over natural mountain streams and lakes.

Jelep La

Jelep La is a mountain range at 13,999 feet connecting Lhasa to India. It settles among India and Tibet in the eastern part of the Sikkim in India. The word Jelep La is of Tibetan origin and it signifies “the beautiful mountain pass”. It is one of the most beautiful passes and a popular tourist destination in Sikkim.

Menmecho Lake

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Baba Mandir

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Kupup Lake

The Silk Route has a few high elevation excellent lakes and a standout amongst the most beautiful is without a doubt the Kupup Lake. Privately called Bitan Cho, it is a standout amongst the most hallowed pools of Sikkim, with high mountains and valleys circumscribing it. Attributable to its likeness to the elephant, Kupup Lake is also called Elephant Lake. Kupup Lake is frozen from January to mid-May. From October to December, the lake is halfway canvassed in sheet ice. From April to July, you can see a decent blossom of blooms around the lake. The greater part of the year, Kupup Lake encounters a bright climate.

When to reach

The Kupup Lake, Tukla valley, and Jelep La pass receive heavy snowfall and hence remain close from January to the end of April. May and June are the most wonderful months as the climate is great and the entire territory has a flower cover including the celebrated internationally rhododendrons. Storms are not a decent time to go trekking here but rather summers and harvest time (October – November) are additionally excellent and appropriate for treks.

How to reach

From Gangtok, the Kupup Lake is 62 km away and it will take you 2.5 hours to reach using the Jawaharlal Nehru Street. From Lake Menmecho the Tukla valley is just around 6 km away and the Baba Mandir is 6 km away. The Jelep La Pass is around 11 km far from the Tukla valley.

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