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Lake Menmecho


It comes as no surprise the uber-beautiful land of Sikkim has a lake that changes color every few minutes. Whether it’s due to minerals in the lake bed or a trick of the light, Lake Menmecho shimmers with different shades depending on the time of day. Situated at an altitude of 12,500 ft, this lake has sandy shores and one can gaze through its crystal clear waters.
Most tourists view this lake from the road as they move on towards Nathu La. However, if you want to witness a small lake that offers a view unlike any other in Sikkim, make sure you put this on your visit list.

What to see

As you reach Lake Menmecho, the first thing you notice are the towering pine trees, nature’s sentinels, that surround the shores and move upwards. The steep mountainous slopes, against a clear blue sky, are so mesmerizing that you will find it hard to leave this place.
After the 4 km hike down the jungle road with scraggly bushes and branches sticking out like hands, Lake Menmecho’s vastness is a welcome change. At some point, giant clouds will pass across the sun, throwing long shadows on the tress and as the lake changes color, you will realize there is nothing better than the beauty of Mother Nature.

When to reach

As the winter sets in, Lake Menmecho freezes up pretty quickly. During the summer, the waterbody melts slowly and your best bet is to visit this lake in the later summer months. That way you get to witness the calm waters of Lake Menmecho.

How to reach

First off, a jeep cannot take you to the banks of Lake Menmecho. Situated around 60 km from Gangtok, this lake is around 23 km from Changu Lake (Tsomgo Lake).
If you’re visiting Baba Mandir, there is a dirt road that snakes downwards towards the right. Follow this path for about 4 km and Lake Menmecho will open up at the end of your journey. While the jungle trail leading down to the waterbody is steep, the banks are never usually crowded and you can bask in the serenity of Menmecho Lake.

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