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Located in the Yumthang valley of Sikkim, is one of the village destinations that will completely blow away your mind. If you reside there for a day or two, which you need to, in order to check out the nearby locations, you will start feeling that you are staying in the heavens. Excellent serenity of the place, aided by nature goddess and the outstanding background sound of the location with waterfalls and rivers, portrayed by the different colorful rhododendrons will make your view and visibility widened to the horizon of paradise. The low population of the area is another reason why that makes the tourist feel that they are staying in the heavens only.

Places to see

The huge sanctuary of Rhododendron is always there with a wide area of 41 square kilometers, where you are not going to miss a single species of the great looking vegetation. Along with that get out from with a taxi to the dream destinations of passes and lakes and even the Zero point. While you reach there, you will surely develop a feeling in your mind that you have not reached the mountain peaks, but reached the peak of Nature’s meditating beauty.
On your way to the different spots, you can also spot out the apple orchids lying here and there on the roadside, widening your view of greenery and giving a different meaning to that even.

Distinct features of Lachung

Looking at the features of the area, Lachung the main village is placed at an altitude of 8610 ft and that also is an indication that it remains near the crown of Nature Goddess. However, the area is very close to the border of China and hence you will need several permissions for visiting the different locations surrounding Lachung. Still, these are all human-created politics, but the place will clearly indicate to you that Human politics doesn’t make a sense to Nature.

How to reach

Lachung is around 80 kilometers from Gangtok and the best way to reach there is through Gangtok only. Book a taxi and of course a resort room in Lachung and then travel to this dream destination.

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