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Tsomgo Lake


In the east Sikkim, one of the top tourist spot always remained this great oval lake. Tsomgo Lake is a great place of tourism, wherein the summertime and all the year-round, makes a record number of tourist approach and other than that the place is also having some medicinal value in the water. Hence it is also the place which is liked the most by the local people. The lake is having all sorts of traveling features in it and hence has the record number of viewers every day.

Features of the lake

Tsomgo Lake is oval in shape, covered by mountains on all sides. It is having an area of 60 acres and that makes it one of the biggest lakes of the entire state. It is having a high altitude and the height of the lake is over 12000 feet. This makes it one of the highest lakes of the entire landmass of India. The lake remains frozen throughout the winter and is fed by the snowy precipitation of the mountains that surrounds it. During the spring the temperature of the lake water remains 4-degree centigrade and that enables floating ice on the lake, using which the tourists can give a walk o the lake too.

What to do

The first thing that you can do is to give a walk around the lake and you can also take a ride on the yaks that will take you to the better half of the lake through the floating ice. The lake is also having great medicinal value and that brings thousands of local people to the lake, for offerings and forgetting the lake water for their home, during the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

How to reach

To reach the lake, you will have to get through the main town of Gangtok and get a pass from there. This will help you to get a taxi and that will take you to the lake the next morning. A better idea is to travel through Darjeeling and also to get there with the different traveling companies.

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