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Himalayan Zoological Park


Visit a place is ever complete unless you meet the local inhabitants of the place. The local people will fulfill half of your job, whom you will be meeting in the road and also at the tourist places and stalls, but what about the local animals, who protects the place too and enhance the beauty of nature. The best location to fulfill your desire is the zoological garden of the Himalayan named Himalayan Zoological Park, which is maintained by the forest department of the Sikkim government.

What to see

The most important thing that you will find in Himalayan Zoological Park at the gate of the garden is the natural flora and fauna. It is also the place where you can find the biggest collection of rhododendrons that flows here naturally. However, as you walk around the forest, you will find that the forest is mostly natural and the animals here have not been disturbed a little though. You can find the Himalayan Red pandas climbing on the trees and keeping a watch on you too. They are very much friendly and can wish to come closer to you as well. Sweet in nature and cute in looks, they are the pride of Sikkim too.

Apart from the red pandas, you can also visualize the great snow leopards of the place and the different other pheasants. The place is wonderful with plenty of animals, some of them will peek at you and you can take a snap of them too. However, the others are shy but are keeping a sharp eye on you too.

Geographical Features of the forest

The forest is only 3 kilometers from the main city of Gangtok and is placed at an altitude of 1700 meters from the sea level. The beauty of the beasts here can be seen as you enter the deepest part of the forest, which is 205 hectares in area.

How to reach

This forest is also under the cover of the tourism plans and while you book them, you can remain certain that they will cover you this point. You can travel there separately too, but at that time you must take a guide with you for support.

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