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Seven Sisters falls


The name Seven Sister falls will take back you to the Meghalaya state for sure, but North Sikkim is also having the same thing but in a different and more beautiful package. Here the falls are from the high hills and that makes thunderous sound too. The best thing that you can view Seven Sister falls is the sight of the seven falls, that can be viewed one at a glance.

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However, if you are willing to explore the area, you will have to get through the Himalayan forest, which will add adventure of wildlife as well as the experience to find more sisters at the location. Yes, the seven streams of waterfalls can be viewed with naked eyes and there is a bridge made by the King of Sikkim, facilitating the tourists to get a better view, but there are many which are hidden inside the mesh surrounded Himalayan Mountain, which you have to explore through expeditions only.

How to reach

The point of seven sister waterfalls is one of the places near Gangtok, which is viewed by most of the tourists who reach there. However, you cannot go there walking. The area is 32 kilometers from the main city and you will have to get a taxi to reach there. The area, being visited by tourists more often and throughout the year is having facilities for viewpoints, aided by Sikkim Govt and there are also some of the restaurants that are perfect for your lunch and refreshment.

What more to see

There are lots of things that you can do at the place, except taking multiple snaps from different areas. Get a little deeper into the shallow forest and explore the best of the Himalayan floras and birds. The place is naturally the habitat of several species of birds, who will welcome you to their adobe with melodious Himalayan chirp sounds. The overall experience at the place is wonderful and you will like to reach the place in the morning and stay there for the full day. Serenity and calmness of the location add more beauty to the place even and that makes it look like a paradise for nature lovers.

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