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Gurudongmar lake


One of the greatest sights of North Sikkim is the lake of Gurudongmar. Nature here is spectacular, but Gurudongmar lake is regarded to be one of the holiest places by the Buddhists and even the Hindus. While you reach the snow-laden location near Lachen, which is 68 kilometers and the nearest tow to the area, you will be just mesmerized at the beauty of nature. The road to the lake is having different features, but while you look at nature there, you will simply forget everything and stay awakened with the goddess.

What to see

The first thing to see there in the lake is the lake itself. With the clear sky above making a deep reflection on the lake water, which is at an altitude of 17000 feet from the sea level, you will be just overwhelmed. Beside the lake, at all the corners, snow-laden hilltops are making the place a crown-like shape, where beauty and spectacular beauty only surrounds everywhere. The lake is having all distinctive features and it freezes down to a snowy platform in the winter season, except one place of the lake, which is said to be the most virtuous area.

About the lake water

The lake water here is said to be of high merit that can bring infants to the mothers who are issueless. This is another reason why the lake is regarded as so much holy. However, the credit of that quality is not given to nature, but to a son of nature, Guru Padmasambhava, who resided by the side of this lake. A temple is also there of him, where tourists, local shepherds, and of course the army personnel pay homage.

The road to Gurudongmar

The path to the lake is not a city road, nor even like the wide hilly roads of other parts of Sikkim. In fact, the area is rough and in the extreme position of India, near the China border. Since the border area is near, finding a land mine in the area is not a strange factor. However, the area is having high altitude and that can be some issue for breathing too. Hence try to come down to Lachung faster.

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