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Singhik is a little hamlet town in the north region of Sikkim. Located at a distance of 4 km from Mangan on North Sikkim Highway,


Chungthang a small town in North Sikkim, located at the junction of Lachen & Lachung rivers, where they form the Teesta River.


Mangan is a small town in Northern Sikkim and the gateway to the north of the state also known as the Cardamom Capital of India.

Yumesamdong Zero Point

When you reach Yumesamdong Zero Point, you will be mesmerised by looking at the beauty of the place, where nature goddess herself places everything.

Seven Sister falls

The name Seven Sister falls will take back you to Meghalaya, but Sikkim is also having the same thing but in a different & beautiful package.


Now is the time to go for skiing a bit and for that the best area is Mountain Katao, the highest peak of Sikkim and a great place to enjoy too.