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Pelling is a beautiful town in West Sikkim, most popular for breathtaking glimpses of the Kanchenjunga peak and the Himalayas. Located at a high altitude of 6800 feet, Pelling is the perfect place for exploring the Himalayan views, without any of the waves of the anger of the high mountains. It is the closest view possible apart from mountain trekking. Located at 115 km from Gangtok, Pelling is also known for its cultural heritage and history.
Pelling has rightfully emerged as the second most popular traveler stop in Sikkim, right after Gangtok. It has plenty to offer to the nature lover, the culturist, the urban traveler, and is the perfect cool summer recess on a vacation trip. In structure, it is little more than a few roads flanked by hotels and homestays offering views of the Kanchenjunga. But step out of the main town, and you are a short distance from monasteries, waterfalls, temples, and lakes. Nature presents itself in all its glory around Pelling.

What to see

Pelling is one of the towns in Sikkim where there is no shortage of activities and places to explore. For the speedy traveler, the most famous sites are a must-see, but for the more comfortable traveler, it is recommended to spend a few days to see everything the town has to offer.

Singshore Bridge

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Kanchenjunga Falls

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Khecheopalri Lake

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Sanga Choeling Monastery

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Tashiding Monastery

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Rabdentse Ruins

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Local Tourism

Local village tourism is also picking up in the area, as more and more people become environmentally, socially, and culturally sensitive. The youth of the area support this effort by providing the information and facilities to the tourists. Those interested to absorb the lifestyle of the locals and contribute to the local communities can also spend time in Singyang and Chumbong villages soaking in the cultural vibes. A few lodges in these villages offer these facilities.

When to reach

Pelling is the most pleasant in the summer months between March to May. Being a hilly region, winters are cold and are marked by landslides and snowfall. Autumn between October to November is also a good season to visit and has its shades of autumn. Winter starts in December. Monsoon is the most inconvenient time, as the region receives heavy rainfall during monsoon, and many routes are closed.

Winter between October To February

Pelling gets covered in snow and invites travelers to experience snowfall in winter. It is a perfect time to enjoy the attractions of Pelling. The temperature sometimes even drops to -5°C in December so you must come here with heavy woolens. If you wish to experience the real feeling of the culture of Pelling then visit Pelling during Khangchendzonga Festival which is held between 24th December to 26th December every year. This festival got its name from the guardian deity of Sikkim. It offers several interesting activities like mountain biking, trekking, traditional sports, kayaking, and much more.

Summer between March To June

The summer season in Pelling is the time when the snow starts melting and gorgeous greenery takes over. It doesn’t feel so hot during summer in Pelling. The temperature varies from 7°C to 28°C which makes it ideal for travelers to explore the outdoor activities like trekking and the locales of the region. Many tourists come to Pelling in the summer.

Monsoon between July To September

Planning to travel to Pelling during monsoon, then ready to get your plan to dampen as Pelling receives heavy rainfall. Outdoor activities are something you can’t enjoy in monsoon. It is advisable not to travel to Pelling in monsoon.

How to reach

By Air

Pelling is 131 km from Gangtok and the most convenient way to reach Pelling is to first come to Gangtok and then from there drive down to Pelling. Gangtok is the nearest town of Sikkim Pakyong Airport, which will directly connect it with the major cities of India. The airport is located in Pakyong village which is around 35 km from the south of Gangtok.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Pelling is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station in Siliguri, West Bengal. It is around 136 km from Pelling. The railway station is well connected to major cities of India such as Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. Private taxis are available at the airport. For shared taxis, head to Siliguri which is 6 kilometers away.
Pelling is 131 km from Gangtok and the most convenient way to reach Pelling is to first come to Gangtok and then from there drive down to town.

By Road

All the major cities and towns in the Sikkim region are easily connected to Pelling by road. Pelling is well connected with cities like Darjeeling, Siliguri, and Gangtok. The road from Siliguri to Pelling is quite steep and hence it would be better if you hire a private cab rather than using public transport like a bus. Shared cabs are also available.

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