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Yumesamdong Zero Point


Yumesamdong Zero Point is one of the great attractions of North Sikkim is the high peaks and the high altitudes. This can be availed mostly when you reach the extreme northern part and beyond Lachung. Yumesamdong Zero Point remains snow-covered throughout the year and people love to pay a visit to the places especially in the months of April and March, since that time the area remains motorable. However, for trekkers, this part of Sikkim always remains a land of fun and enjoyment, since that contains outstanding natural beauty, which is hunted mostly by the trekkers. Yumesamdong Zero Point is a wonderful location among such places and can be reached through Lachung.

When to go

The best time to reach the place is during the springs when the ice melts a bit and the land remains motor able too. However, visit the place in the months of monsoon and autumn is also favored by many. The place is called Zero Point since; you will feel that there will be trouble getting proper oxygen at the place, for the high altitude and the location in a proper snowline.

How to go

The only way to reach the place is to get a taxi from Lachung; however, you need to take special preparation for going to the place too. Special boots, special far jackets, and essential foods and oxygen providing elements are to be arranged to reach the place. If you are going through some travel companies, then exchange some words with them before, since this location is not usually covered in the general tour map.

What to see

When you reach the place, you will just open your mouth by looking at the beauty of the place, where nature goddess herself places everything at the right place to make the place wonderful in beauty. However, this mouth opening will help you in other ways too. Since the place is having less oxygen, you will need more of such kind and that can be availed with your own mouth quite easily. Still keeping some other amenities wit you is essential as you reach there. Try to reach the place in the early morning after 10 AM. Then you can find the blue sheep and yaks grazing out there at the lower end.

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