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Singba rhododendron Sanctuary


Are you a fan of the rhododendrons? If you are then the Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary must be your destination. Located in the Yumthang Valley, this is the location where you will walk around kilometers and you will only see different species of the plants with red, purple, and punk blossoms scattered at all places. This is the sanctuary of rhododendron that you will never find in any of the places of the world. Not only for the height, the place is famous, but also for the biggest area, the highest number of plants and most varieties this sanctuary is famous for.

Wonderful collection

Whether you are a student or a researcher of botany or a simple traveler, Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary will attract you with its awesome collection and at the time, when you will enter the deeper part of the forest, you will feel that you have reached paradise, where nothing is visible except rhododendron. The number of species of rhododendron that you will find here is more than 40, where the commons are included, but the most uncommon with different complexions will attract you the most. After a walk of around one hour, you will feel an addiction to the place and whatsoever your age is, you will have to scold back to your hotel room from there.

Area and features

The area covered by the sanctuary is 41 square kilometers and by now you have understood that to cover the entire sanctuary, you will have to reside there in the town for a month or so. The sanctuary is also the highest available in all the Himalayan range and that is neat to 4000 meters. It’s fabulous right? The cold breeze, the smell of flowers, and stunning beauty all will make you made and will make out the romantic heart in you, whatever age you are in.

How to reach

The place is in the Yumthang valley and is very close to the main area of Yumthang, where your resort will be. Hence, you will not have to wait for anyone to take you there. Just start walking and you will reach the gate of the sanctuary.

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