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High land areas and futures of North Sikkim are plenty in number and you have seen all of them. Now is the time to go for skiing a bit and for that the best area is Mount Katao, the highest peak of Sikkim and a great place to enjoy too. The place is covered with snow at almost every corner and still, the place is one of the locations, where tourists visit to make them feel at home. The population in the area is very much sparse and the area is located at the extreme border of India and China. Hence permission from the Army is essential to reach the area, but the beauty of the place will make you forget every hard work that you have found to reach there.

Outstanding beauty

The place is one of the locations where you will really not find a spot from nature in terms of beauty. The place is having thus a spotless beauty that will blow your mind. Filled with snow-laden hilltops, among which the amount Katao is the highest, the place is filled with different types of fauna and some sparse wildlife too. The area is also called Switzerland of Sikkim for the beauty it has. However, the most interesting thing at the location is the pathways, which have snow on all sides.

Elevation and distance

The place is located at a 120-kilometer distance from the capital city of Sikkim, but it is in close vicinity from Lachung, which is 26 kilometers only. To reach the place, you will have to avail of a taxi from the town of Lachung only. If you go there during the months of spring, poppy plantation and primula can also be found along with rhododendron. Thus, vegetation is another thing to be watched out there. However, for the interest of paragliding and skiing, the best time to visit the place is in winter. However, a visit to the place in winter means some extra protection because of the snowfall and cool wind blow. Looking at the beauty of the place, all your hard works will wash out from your memory though.

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