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Kanchenjunga falls


Get to the beautiful Kanchenjunga falls of the Rambi River from the town of Pelling. The hotel rooms of Pelling are really wonderful, especially if you get a window side. From there you can keep a close watch on the Kanchenjunga throughout the day and watch him change his color to attract nature goddess towards him. Nature goddess finds no way to overlook that attraction and provides plenty of beauty to him. Hotel rooms of Pelling will give you this site in the best possible way. In fact, you will never miss the Kanchenjunga by a second, while staying in a hotel in the small village of Pelling. As you go for sightseeing around the place, you will find the waterfalls of Kanchenjunga too, 28 kilometers from the main town and having some auspicious beauty mark on herself.

What to check

The waterfall is not by the roadside, hence you will have to give a walk of around 400 meters to reach the waterfall. However, the sound of the fall, which falls from a height of 150 meters, is so harsh that you can hear the same through the window slits of your jeep, from a distance, when you are kilometers away from it. The beauty of this waterfall is even more strange and spectacular. Milky white in complexion, the falls give the impression that nature here is a bride and dressed in white to accept her groom. You can also go up through the bamboo ladder, which is placed at the side of the falls. Be careful, since you will be passing through the water and the water there is extremely cold and having an edge too for the current flow.

The Top View

Once you reach the top, there is something waiting for you there. A deep alpine forest will be the first thing that you can visualize, but just put your head up, the biggest possible view of Kanchenjunga peak from India is just before you. Now Kanchenjunga doesn’t seem to be a child with colorful slides anymore. It is a giant now and with features that can mesmerize even the demigods too.

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