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Tashi View Point


This charming little Tashi View Point is a perfect place to witness the brilliant surroundings like mountains, valleys, and Gangtok itself. This famous tourist point is located at a distance of 8 km from the town and is mostly recognized for offering some of the best sunrise and sunset views. One can observe the changing of colors of the Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu Peaks as the sun slowly moves from this viewpoint along with a glimpse of famous monasteries of Gangtok, Phodong, and Labrang. Tourists can enjoy refreshing drinks while relishing the stunning scenery and can also buy souvenirs from the shops set up here. Tashi View Point is a remarkable place for nature lovers as one gets an opportunity to spend some peaceful time away from the bustling crowd amidst the resonating sound of birds and breeze. And the best part is, entry is free, however, a minimum cost of Rs 10/- will be charged if you wish to use the binoculars or telescope to get close up view of the enthralling surroundings of Sikkim’s capital.

What to see

From this point you can get an amazing view of the hills and valleys and also a grand sight of Mount Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu. You can also get binoculars and look for Phodong and Labrang Monasteries as well as discover rare birds. Tashi viewpoint also has a cafeteria where you can eat snacks and drink warm tea while looking at the beautiful view.

When to reach

The best time to visit this attraction is from March to June, it is when the weather is pleasant and warm.

How to reach

Tashi View Point is at a distance of 8 kilometers from Gangtok’s main town. You can avail taxis to reach here.

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