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Nathang Valley


In the northern part of the East Sikkim, take a chance to peep into the paradise, where Nathang valley is located. Beautiful is the place where you need to go four times a year to get a look at the paradise in a different form in the four seasons. Once you reach the place, you will be just overwhelmed to look at the beauty of the place that has three marking feature.

History of the place

The place is one of the points of the silk route and later on, you will come to know, this remained the place where the Tibetan Yak herds came to stay. The place of the yak herd is also marked now with the flags of prayers and it will look gorgeous with the wind that surrounds the place.

What to see

There is nothing special to watch at the place than thee nature herself. So much beauty she has and she expressed here, that you will find a sticky smell in your heart to stay there for a year long. There is a Hindu temple at some distance and a Buddhist monastery too, but the yare meant for the locals only. You can, however, get there and pay your homage too. There is no restriction on that. The best thing that you can find here is the Eagle’s Nest Bunker which is at some distance. It will show you the entire Bengal Plain, the entire east and other corners of Sikkim, the full range of Kanchenjunga and of course a small bridge that is built by the locals to cross a narrow stream at the location.

Features of the area

The excellent thing that you will find here is the beauty of the place that changes its view in four seasons. While in autumn, it shows its golden view, in the spring, rhododendron flowers the full plain. In the winter this 16 thousand feet high place is covered with 5 feet snow.

How to reach

Nathang Valley can be reached only through some tourist companies, as no taxis go to the place. You can also stay there at the small huts near the foot of the hills, which are equipped with all the necessary things for travelers.

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