Coronavirus Second Wave: Lockdown states

coronavirus second wave

The coronavirus second wave is uncontrollable. Several states of the country are reporting more than 10,000 confirmed cases regularly. Although the mortality rate is low, the number of deaths due to infection is very high.

The majority of states in the country have adopted lockdown to survive coronavirus second wave. Some states have announced lockdown or lockdown-like control several days ago. The rest of the states have been announcing this for the last few days.

Lockdown announcement of different states


Lockdown control has been imposed in the state since 14 April. State Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray hasn’t yet imposed complete lockdown but the current scenario is similar to complete lockdown. Mumbai is reaping the benefits of the lockdown. There has been a significant reduction in both infection and infection rates. However, the infection is still high in some districts of the state, so the daily infection in Maharashtra is not decreasing, it is practically stuck in one place.


Lockdown is imposed in Delhi since 19 April. Lockdown was imposed for a week but was later extended twice. Delhi is getting benefits of lockdown for the last few days. Daily infections have dropped below 20,000. On the other hand, the rate of infection has been recorded 24% in the last 24 hours which was over 36% ten days ago.


B. S. Yediyurappa, the chief minister was against the lockdown. But increasing coronavirus infections of 50,000 daily results in the declaration of lockdown in the state. Lockdown is imposed on 27 April and will continue till 12 May.


High cases are being recorded after the elections in the state. The current infection rate is around 27%. Lockdown has been imposed in the state till 16 May.

Madhya Pradesh

Corona Curfew is imposed in the state for the last two weeks. There have been a few benefits. The infectious rate was declined to 18% from 25%, but still, the situation is not normal. For this reason, the complete lockdown has been imposed till 15 May.


Complete lockdown has been imposed since 4 May and will continue till 15 May.


Complete lockdown has been imposed for two weeks from 5 May, and will continue till 19 May.


Government of Rajasthan has imposed lockdown from 10 May to 24 May. There will be no wedding till 31 May.

West Bengal

The partial lockdown has been imposed from 30 April. The market will be open from 7 am to 10 am in the morning and 3 pm to 5 pm in the evening. Suburban train movement has been temporarily shut. Buses are allowed with only 50% passengers. The Shopping Mall, Swimming pool, restaurants, bar, and pubs will be closed.

Uttar Pradesh

The state has imposed weekend lockdown. The infectious rate has declined but the situation is not yet normal.


Gujarat hasn’t imposed a complete lockdown. The government of Gujarat has imposed night curfew and curfew in 29 cities of the state.


Lockdown has been imposed in the state for one week i.e. from 3 May to 10 May. The chances of extending the lockdown are high in current scenarios.


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