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Boosting Tourism Sector Of Ladakh


Following the declaration of Ladakh as a Union Territory of India in August, the union government of India is planning to make massive investments in the region for boosting the tourism sector of Ladakh.

According to an announcement by the Minister of State, of tourism and culture, of the union government – Prahlad Singh Patel, a number of tourism projects in the region are being developed by the ministry with the singular focus of attracting as many tourists as possible to the newly created Union Territory.

“Our focus is on improving the lodging and other important facilities for the tourist visiting Ladakh. Also, there are plans to open a number of zoos,” the minister said.

One of the unique features would be the development of homestay facilities in the monasteries of Ladakh which will be prime for boosting the tourism sector of Ladakh. Additionally, eco-tourism would also be on the priority list of the government. Of major concern and a point of investment would be the preservation of structures that have importance from as heritage of the region. The government is also developing a plan to promote Ladakh as the desired spot for writers and researchers for their work.

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These measures, according to the minister, would also significantly increase the income of the people of the region which is heavily dependent on tourism.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has also jumped into the act and has already started work on the restoration of a 500-year-old structure in Henaksu village which is made entirely of mud and is know as Lhonpo House.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Leh and Ladakh among both domestic and international tourists. Data from the ministry of tourism points out that the number of tourists who visited the region in 2018 was 50,000 more than those who went there in 2017. Out of the 3,27,366 tourists who visited Ladakh in 2018, 49,477 were foreigners, shows the ministry data.


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