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Amarnath Yatra 2021 canceled for 2nd year

Amarnath Yatra is canceled for the 2nd consecutive year. Due to increasing cases of the second-wave pandemic, the registration was suspended.

Coronavirus Second Wave: Lockdown states

The coronavirus second wave is uncontrollable. Although the mortality rate is low, the number of deaths due to infection is very high.

River rafting returns to Rishikesh

On the next visit, you won't miss the thrill as the Government of Uttarakhand announced that river rafting returns to Rishikesh.

Celebrate with eco-friendly Ganesh Idols

It will be smarter to celebrate indoors & bring eco-friendly Ganesh Idols which can immerse in-home or keep for the next year.

Goa quarantine rules for new entry

If you’re traveling to Goa anytime soon, there are some new Goa Quarantine rules you need to know. Those who are driving don’t need any permit

Lockdown schedule changed in West Bengal

Again the Government of West Bengal changed the day of weekly lockdown. There will be a total of seven days' complete lockdown in August.