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Malangi Tea Garden

Tea Gardens are in plenty at the foothills of Alipurduar. Malangi is the biggest village which is the opposite of the forest.

Shiva Mandir

As you reach the Buxa forest, never miss the excellent Mahakal Shiva Mandir, which is a prime spot to visit, at the location.


Lepchakha is covered with forest from all sides at the hilltop. Due to altitude wildlife roaming around, could not reach the top of the hill.

Jayanti Hills

Jayanti Hills in the Alipurduar district is often referred to as the Queen of the Duars for the beauty she bears with her.

Chilapata Forest

Chilapata Forest is another forest area of Alipur Duar, very close both to Buxa and Jaldapara. This forest acts as a corridor for the Giants.