Shiva Mandir

As you reach the Buxa forest, never miss the excellent Mahakal Shiva Mandir, which is a prime spot to visit, at the location.

Saila Srikhetra

Among the different temples that has been constructed in Orissa, Saila Srikhetra is one of the top & magnificient looking temples.

Ramachandi Temple

Ramachandi is a village in the Angul district of Odisha. The major attraction of Ramachandi is the temple of Ramchandi Devi.

Jaimangla Garh Temple

Jaimangla Garh temple is such a place, which is a historic location for sure, but there is no trace of the history of the place.

Budhi Thakurani

The rise of the culture was seen in the 8th century AD. Sakta culture is visible at around the Angul Budhi Thakurani temple.

Enchey Monastery

Strategically rested on a magnificent ridge in the north of Gangtok, the Enchey Monastery (meaning solitary) lives up to its name.