Shiva Mandir


As you reach the Jayanti River beds and go to the Buxa forest, never miss the excellent Mahakal Shiva Mandir, which is a prime spot to visit, at the location. The Mahakal Shiva Mandir is believed to be age-old and there are numerous myths attached to it, as the local people will say you. It is believed that the forest of Buxa was even more dangerous than it is now. Especially during the monsoon, the forest area remained inaccessible to the local people and even the best of the Hunters didn’t dare to enter the forest. With such beliefs, local people, who collected woods from the forest created this excellent Shiva temple.

The temple myths

The temple is visited by numerous pilgrims and local people during the Shivaratri. Thousands of people flock there and pay their homage to Lord Shiva. The best thing is that the Shiva temple is having some of the best features, and inside the temple, there is a Shiva linga, made of limestone, and looking gorgeous. Apart from the Hindus, who make flock around the temple during Shivratri, the Bhutanese also comes there in thousand during Buddha Purnima. Thus, this is a temple of immense value to the locals and even all the tourists, visiting the Buxa forest to date, goes through this path, pays homage to Shiva, and then enters the forest.

Visit the Mahakal Goomfa

After you visit the Temple and walk for entering the forest, you will also find the Mahakal Goomfa, which is a waterfall, that is related to the Jayanti River. Local people believe that this freshwater of the falls is meant for the washing of the Shiva Linga and hence is regarded very much pious and holy. For that reason, even today, while a tourist goes to the Shiva temple, brings water from the falls, and arranges a bath for the lord. The same is followed by the pilgrims during Shivratri and the Buddha Purnima.

How to visit

To visit the place, you will have to get a jeep from the main town of Alipurduar. The place is 40 kilometers from the town. So, it will take some time for sure.


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