Santlabari is basically a halt station for the trekkers. Santalabari is a small village within the Buxa forest and is having only 50 houses, all together in the town. Inside the village, there is no so-called resort, but you will have a place to reside, with the aid of some local people. The place is having serene beauty with a wide mustard ground and you can view the density of the forest, wherever you will drop your sight.

Why visit

The serenity of the place, greenery all around, and the smell of wildness at every corner of Santalabari will give you the message about the hard life, people of this village are leading. Facilities and amenities are almost nil here and the only way to reach the place is through safari and through jeeps. However, jeeps will not take you to the proper village, since there are no roadways actually to the place. Elephants, although find their own path and will lead you to the village safely. Leopards might give you a sharp view of your path, which you might miss if you are unlucky enough. But they do dare attack elephants, who are the king of that forest area.

What to see

Santalabari is located in the interior of the forest and is not basically a tourist spot, since there is not a single special thing that can be watched out for. For a trip day, you can give the halt at Rajabhatkhawa, since that place is having at least resorts for you to spend the night. Trekkers traveling in the forest often get there to this village and stay there for the night. Hence it can be stated to be a halt station for trekkers, but not for general tourists. The place is surrounded by dense forest and to be very frank, this place has been evacuated from the densest part of the forest only.

How to reach

Make sure that you take proper foods, water, and accessories while going there since the place is having no market within the village and not even nearby. You can get the jeeps from New Jalpaiguri or from Alipurduar too. However, if you are into Rajabhatkhawa, you can easily avail a safari ride and get to this village.


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