Rovers point

Rovers Point

Rovers point is not the name of any village but is a point in the village Lataguri, which is located at the western outskirt of the Buxa. This is again a place, where the forest has been evacuated. Hence wildlife does make mistakes often to enter the village, where their nests would have been at a certain point in time. The place is having great beauty, but the appearance is totally wild. Forest is on all sides. So, if you are willing to see something else than a forest, use your smartphone and watch there.

What to see

Lataguri is not having many housings too, but you will get several numbers of resorts at the place. This place is preferred by mainly the trekkers, who take a break from the forest and then get back again to their job. Within this town, you can go to the rover’s point, which is a bit high stand. Going there is basically not meant for the trekkers, since they have already viewed the wild cats and giants from a close distance, but for the general tourists, who visit the place on weekends.

The point named rovers point is to give you an open view of the wildlife. Plenty of wildlife can be seen from there. Shadowed by the long teaks, a leopard can easily be sorted out, who are not able to see you, for the distance and altitude. If luck assists you, leopards can be even seen in flocks. Viewing an elephant or few rhinos and differently horned deer is a common view from the rovers.

How to reach

You will have to pay high to reach the place. No shared taxis will go there. So you will have to avail private car only for the destination. However, when you will find the great wildlife view from the Rovers point, you will feel that the amount you paid is really worth it. Foods, water, and shelter are well there at the place and some of the resorts at the place are quite good even. But since the amenities are to be brought from distant markets, rates will be very much high here.


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