Rajabhatkhawa Museum

Rajabhatkhawa Museum

Rajabhatkhawa Museum is in a small town surrounded by forest on all sides. The place is very small in size, but the wild beauty all around is surely going to open your mouth. The beauty of the town is at each corner, but that beauty is totally wild in nature. There are not many things to watch in the village, except three major things – A museum, A corridor, which is internationally famous and thousands of birds.

Why visit

The Rajabhatkhawa museum, which you will find in the central part of the village is well decorated and is having different pieces of evidence of the biggest corridor. Some animal fossils, some skeletons, and wildlife things are kept in numbers in the museum, and their count is so much that the museum seems very much small in size, related to its stock.

What to see

Birds will remain with you every time

Variety of birds are making crowd in the village and they do make the crown in such a manner, that at one point of time, you might think that the area is having a one-tenth human population, while compared to that with the birds. Some of the birds will make you feel sleepy with their charming chirps, while wild Owls and Vultures are also there keeping a sharp eye on your every move.

Biggest elephant corridor

This is a town in the interior of the forest. Hence, facilities available here, including resorts and food are only very basic. Famous the town is for the international corridor, it is holding, which acted once as the biggest elephant corridor of the world. Through this corridor, thousands of elephants moved between India and Bhutan, to whom there is no international boundary or anything like such.

How to reach

If you are going to the village, make sure that the road path goes through the jungle only, where at parts, the woods are dense too. However, if you are not that much fond of adventure, it will be better if you go to the place by train. There is a small railway station within the town itself. Facilities, you must again note are very much less here. You will have to choose a resort, which might not look even like that, but the place is really beautiful – there is no doubt about that.


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