While you reached Raimatang, you are deep inside the forest. The village is extremely small and the total area of the village is not even a square kilometer. In the village, within an hour, you can count all the houses, since they are not even 100 in numbers. However, the village, with forest on three sides and River Raimatang at the southern edge is extensive in terms of wild beauty. You will enjoy your time in this village.

Why to visit?

The village Raimatang is not a major tourist spot, since there is nothing to watch here in speciality. You can go for a safari ride into the forest, but make it a point that you are already deep into the forest and at every corner, wild world is observing you silently. The village, since is located at the interior part is having least among all facilities. In fact drinking water is also scanty here. However, the place is having some special things, which you can watch out, within the short time you will be spending in this village.

What to see

Safari ride here is opted by some, but the localities will also try to restrict you for that, although they are given their charges. Life risk is heavy at this part of the forest since it is the only lighter part of the entire forest, surrounded deep and dense forest full of wildlife, in their wildest form. However, the village is so small that you cannot even believe it. You can give a ten minutes walk around the village – you will reach the endpoint of it with the resorts at the end. However, there is a beautiful location within the village near to the river banks, which is filled with thousands of butterflies and millions of birds of thousand varieties. Nature lovers will not miss them by any means.

How to reach

You can go to this part of the forest with a rented jeep from New Jalpaiguri station. However, you will not get a shared one, since very few tourists go there. In fact, you will have to pay extra to the driver, for he will be driving the route through forest with life at your hand.


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