Malangi Tea Garden


Tea Gardens are in plenty at the foothills of the Alipurduar, which is on the other side of the forest. Forest can be availed in the valley region where the streams are flowing with their full force, hiding the roars and trumpets of the wild beasts and they are the most preferred tourist spots in the entire district of Alipurduar. In fact, this forest belt is the only one in India in the Himalayan Valley, which is wide and accessible. Forests in the other states, in the valley region of the Himalayas are not at all accessible, for their remote location. That is why the forest of Buxa is one of the prime destinations for all tourists, throughout India. However, some also go around the tea gardens, among which Malangi is an important destination.

Get around and learn experiences

Malangi is one of the biggest villages of Alipurduar, but with not that much population. The reason is simple, most of the landmass is covered by tea plantations and a huge amount of business and revenue is earned by Government and even the business holders here. You can have words with the estate managers to know the different types of risks, faced here. Wild attacks are rare but are there in every corner of the village, because of its proximity to the Buxa. Take one day out and roam about the tea estate. You will love to go through and have a watch. At that time, make out some of yours and have some words with the workers. Great ideas and excellent experiences of them, that happened in their real life, will make your hairs go up.

A different experience

The only problem you will face here is the lack of resorts. You will have to stay at the Alipurduar main town and reach here early in the morning. However, having your morning tea at the tea houses, served free to you, will fill your mind with real wonders and will surely pacify all the pains for the long journey. You will definitely say to yourself – “I have never sipped such tea anywhere”.


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