Madarihat is a small village, which you cannot miss, even if you want to miss it. The small village is located at the gates of the Jaldapara Sanctuary. Hence, you will have to cross the village, in order to enter the sanctuary. The village, however, is having something, for which you will not miss it though. In fact, this village is also a prime visiting spot for tourists.

Why visit

The village is surrounded by small hills, showing the mark of deep forest near to it. Hence, when you reach this village, you can identify the denseness of the forest path ahead. Adventure-minded people will love the place from there on – especially when they can view the dream adventure, while sitting on the couch of the resort room, inside the village. The village is also being streamed by several rivers and the river Torsa enters the Jaldapara sanctuary area, after paying a visit to this village. So, you can also spend some time at the river banks, where most of the small resorts are located. Getting a view of some elephants and some rhinos, from some distance is not rare here. However, the place is basically for the tourists and the trekkers, returning or entering the forest area.

One specialty is there in Madarihat – In Fact, there are two. The first one of them is the diversity of the population. The population is less, but you will soon understand the reason for the population, the place is having. The best thing about the place is the furniture industry. It is famous in the entire North Bengal for this art of its. Sals and teaks are available in the forest and they are licensed to get woods from there. However, if you devote some time to them, you will find how the teaks are processed and seasoned with water and sun and then furniture is prepared from those.

How to visit

The place is also having a small rail station and hence going to the place, if you choose the train to be the medium, will not be a problem at all. However, if planning to get there with a private car, that will take time and will be costly even.


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