Alipurduar is a forest area and the best way to get through the forest is a trek. However, one trek is not at all sufficient to get through the entire forest belt. Even if you try to do that, halts must be given in the middle in some of the villages, so that you can have some foods, which is not available even in the path. Lepchakha is one village, which will come in your trek route through the forest of Buxa.

Why visit

Lepchakha is covered with forest from all sides, but the altitude of the village, which is at a hilltop, is such that wildlife, although roaming around, could not reach the top of the hill. Hence this is the safest village, among all that will come within your trek route. The village is very small – within 2 to 3 milometers, the village ends and population of the village is also very much less. It will not cross 100. However, the people in the place are very much interesting.

The village is having not much thing to be checked out, but the view that you will get in the next morning from the hilltop will make you understand – why trekkers do not forget to give a halt in this village. The fact is that you will be able to see the entire Buxa forest from the hilltop. The total forest with at least seven streams, including Jayanti, Sankosh, Raidak, and many more. At the far distance, you will be able to locate the main town of Alipurduars too. And at the closest view, other halting station villages, like Rovers point, Chuna Bhatti, Mahakal can be seen. The hilltop is having wide ground and this view can be seen the best from the hilltop only.

Drukpa community welcomes you

People here are mainly Bhutanese by the origin and are named as Drukpa community. Their nature is very much soft and their culture is totally different from that of the Nepalese. Their Housing style is also very much different. You may feel that they are all 2 storied huts.

How to visit

From New Jalpaiguri (NJP) you have to reach Santalabari via Alipurduar. In Santalbari you have to leave the vehicles and start trekking. From Santalabari Buxa Fort is a 3 to 5 km walk that usually takes 45 minutes. From the Buxa Fort, you have to walk for another 3 km which usually takes 30 minutes to reach Lepchakha.


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