Kunjanagar Eco Park

Kunjanagar Eco Park

Alipurduar District of West Bengal is having a rich forest and wildlife. In fact, most of the tourists, who go around the Duars are lovers of wildlife. Now, wildlife does not only cover the animals, but also the wide variety of wild plants too. In the Kunjanagar Eco Park, you are going to sight the best possible wild plants, available in India. The place is regarded as the best place for student excursion, for the excellent resource of plants, and is also regarded as a great spot for a picnic in North Bengal. The location is also great in terms of weekend trips. So, plan your trip accordingly.

Why visit

In the Kunjanagar Eco Park, you will find wide varieties of plants, which are mainly Himalaya special weeds. Some of them are also great for medicine and others are for the research of Botany students. The forest area, you will find here is having elephants and deer. However, on your trip, if you are lucky enough, you can have a sight of the leopards too. The place is having excellent wild beauty with a river stream at the nearest point. The town area is regarded as one of the shelters of Netaji Subhas Bose and is another prime area for you to watch. The excellent beauty all around will surely mesmerize you, there is no doubt in that.

How to visit

The town is only 7 kilometers away from the township at Falakata and hence is quite good at accommodating tourists. You will not find any issues regarding food and shelter, as the place is having a number of resorts. If you fail to get a resort room, which is not the case normally, you can still get one at Falakata. The nearest railway station to the place is Falakata, from where you will get local transports to reach the destination. Hence, getting to the place and staying there, especially during the weekends is great fun. Get there and enjoy your time. Being there in this part of Bengal, you will find another tourism angle of Bengal for sure – The wildness of the Bengal. 


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