Jayanti Hills

Jayanti Hills

Being in the Alipurduar district of Bengal and not viewing the Jayanti Hills is a big mismatch. It is often referred to as the Queen of the Duars for the beauty she bears with her. The area is just a fringe at the side of the Buxa forest, and the hills of Jayanti Hills are low in height, as you can find in the foothills of the Himalaya. However, the Jayanti River, with its turbulent stream makes the land feel you like paradise. Beauty is all around with excellent smells of the forest flowers. However, you might have to watch out the place from a distance, since the other side of the river is where Buxa forest becomes densest. Hence crossing the river is not safe at all, if you are not Animal Planet oriented.

What to see

Beauty! Beauty! And Beauty!

This part of the land is just beside the Bhutan Border and the Jayanti river itself shares one bank with Bhutan. However, scenes and serenity all around the place will make you bewildered, there is no question here. Jayanti village can also be found, nearby, which is between the distance from the river and the mainland of Duars, but one can find only the trace of the village only now, which has been greatly endangered by the wildlife, on the other side of the river. Hence you can well understand that there is a big thrill, waiting for you, while you visit the place.

Peace of heavens landing on land

The main thing is that you will love the peacefulness of the place, at least at the weekends, after your fast life. Pleasant weather and excellent river streams will make your mind peace-loving. Local people are very much humble and helpful too. If you face any such calamity out there, which is not so uncommon, you will understand the helping attitude of the locals, very closely.

How to reach

Allure bird chirping and motherly reception from the Nature goddess at the place will fill your mind in such a way, that you might give a repeated visit to the place, which is just 30 kilometers from Alipurduar main town and can be covered by a jeep.


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