Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara National Park

Those who are fond of adventure in the jungles, while visiting Bengal, never misses Alipurduar, since most of the densest forests are located at this part of the Indian map. One such forest can also be found by the name of Jaldapara national park. This is one of the most famous parks, not only in Bengal but in the world, for the huge collection of Rhinoceros, the one-horned, Indian rhinos. Apart from them, what else can you find in these jungles – take a look at that!!

About the Animals

In the year 1940, this forest has been declared as the national park, mainly for the extensive varieties of flora and fauna, that one can easily experience here, right from the beginning till the end. Later, this became the choice of the rhinos and hence it is now the forest with the biggest collection of the Indian Rhinos. Apart from the rhinos, one can find the wild elephants, the panthers, Indian leopard, and large varieties of birds too. Deer collection at the place is also a great area for experience and one must not forget that this forest has been a paradise for the hunters, till the time, they were not banned. In the forest, one can even find different varieties of turtles and some ferocious Pythons and cobras.

What to see

The forest shares one side with the river Torsa and hence the weather here is river forest type. Most of the time, it remains moist, by the heavy rainfall, but this is a place, which is having some of the biggest Sal and Teaks of the nation. Hence, from that sense, this is a place which is very much rich in woods and the business sense of the place is also quite high. Due to the swampy areas, formed out of rainfall and the river bed, this is a great place for the reptiles to reside. Hence along with bigger animals, one can find snakes and monitor lizards in abundance here. Leech is a problem here too. Hence stay away from those areas, which are flourished and emptied by the leeches.

How to reach

By Air

One can avail of Bagdogra Airport which is the nearest airport from Jaldapara National Park. From Bagdogra, tourists can reach Siliguri.

By Train

The most important railway station in the North East India is New Jalpaiguri (NJP). NJP is directly connected with all major stations in India. The nearest railway station to Jaldapara National Park is Madarihat. All the mail and express trains stop at Birpara or Hasimara railway stations which are well connected to Jaldapara National Park.

By Road

Jaldapara is connected by National Highway with Siliguri and can be reached by car. Madarihat is the entry point for the sanctuary. It is located on the National Highway 31. North Bengal State Transport Corporation buses, Bhutan Government buses, minibusses are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat. Cars can also be hired at Siliguri to reach Jaldapara.


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