Jaigaon is a small town in West Bengal, that lies at the border of India and Bhutan. The place is excellent in terms of demography and geography. Excellent scenic beauty all around and outstanding weather, that remains all around the year, especially during the summertime, make the place even more enchanting and enigmatic for the tourists. For couples, this is a great place to spend their weekends and enjoy the beauty of your loved one, dipped with nature’s panorama.

Excellent Scenes all around

The place is not a historic one and not even a religious spot. It is a pure nature lover’s destination. Located at the banks of the Torsa river, this small town is having plenty of markets and you can get the best of the home decors from the market, since the place enjoys the free movement of goods from India to Bhutan. The town being located at the downhill of the Himalayas is spread with different streams, all of which join the mainstream of Torsa – hence making the place absolutely a dream destination for all tourists and trip makers.


The place, like the other places of Bengal, enjoys the Durga Puja, as the most celebrated festival and if you are not going to the place during that phase, you can even view the Indo-Bhutan gate, built in pagoda style, at the end of the town. In fact, there is nothing to be watched in the town, other than this gate and the scenic beauty, but the scenic beauty all around will surely extend your weekends, when you reach there.

How to reach

The best way to reach the town is to avail of a shared Jeep from the main town of Alipurduar. However, one can even avail of jeeps from Siliguri, which is not far from the place. If you are going there for weekends and wish to cut short the traveling time in the trip, you can avail the flights to Bagdogra and get a jeep from there to Jaigaon even. The forest belt is also not far from here. So, you can plan to go to the forests from here too.


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