Chilapata Forest

Chilapata Forest

Chilapata Forest is another forest area of Alipurduar, very close both to Buxa and Jaldapara. This forest acts as a corridor for the Giants. Elephants can move freely between the Buxa and Jaldapara, following a path through this forest. The forest was well known, even before 20 years from now, for robbers and dacoit. Now, this area is free from them and tourists feel free to get there.

What to see

Animals to be found

The forest once had a great number of Rhinos. However, now the number of rhinos shifted from the Chilapata to Jaldapara, some of them even via Hasimara Town, which is very close to the forest. Leopards are very much common in the forest even now. Birds, turtles, and small deer are plentiful in the forest too.

Other than forest

There is a Nalraj Garh in the forest too and that was built during the Golden age of the Guptas, for the protection of the King of Nals. However, due to poor maintenance of the fort, it has turned to relics. Although the government is trying hard to rescue it, due to the forest and Leopards near it, many won’t come there to work, in fear. People of the place could have lived a life, in service of the wildlife, especially for their natural experience to deal with them, but mostly they are using the forest for firewood only.

The place is very close to the Jaldapara and enjoys the weather like that place only. Torsa is also close to this forest and is the source of water for the animals too. However, this forest is less visited by the tourists, since tour packages are less here. Less involvement of the local people makes it impossible to find a proper guide in the forest, especially in the deeper parts, where the outsiders won’t enter in fear of leopards.

When to reach

The best timing to visit the forest is in the summertime. Monsoon is a paradise for adventurous people, but dangerous for general tourists.

How to reach

The place is 20 kilometers from Alipurduar, the main town near to it. Hence once can visit the place from the main town, by availing a jeep.


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