Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve

West Bengal is a land of different features. One can find every type of landmass in this part of the country. In the northern part of the state, there lies the Himalayas and at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, lies the forested area of Alipurduar district. There are different things to be watched in the district, but among all Buxa Tiger Reserve cannot be missed out. The reserve is 15th of the Nation and is having different varieties of tigers. The reserve had been sanctioned in the year 1986 and is having every facility for the tourists, to support their adventure in the Jungles.

About animal life

The forest is having the best kinds of tigers and leopards. However, along with the cats, one can even find the elephants and the local bison known as Gaur. Indian boar and red fowls are also available in the forest for the tourists. The forest area is quite large and its area is over 300 square kilometers. To find the animals and their living, you might have to go to the interior of the forest, but f you are lucky enough, you can even find them, near your views. The forest department staffs are very much active here and hence you will find it easy to roam about and get a chance to experience the wildlife views at your sight.

What to see

The forest is in the border area of Bhutan. One side of the forest shares boundary with Bhutan even, but do not ever dare to go to that side, since in the middle, you will have to experience the densest part of the forest. On two sides of your path to the jungle, you can even find thousands of birds of rare species. So, do not miss to carry your camera. Some parts of the forest are also dangerous, especially for the different types of insects and leech. Hence, try to have a guide with you who will be guiding you the path.

When to visit

The best time to visit Buxa Tiger Reserve is between the month of October to April.

How to reach

Buxa is one of the oldest towns in North Bengal and is only 14 km from Alipurduar, and 180 km from the popular tourist spot, Siliguri.

The closest railway station is Alipurduar Junction or New Alipur Railway Station at a distance of 37 km. Rajabhatkhawa is only 15 km away from the entry of the reserve. Taxis are available for the reserve, and the NH 31 highway is the fastest way to get there.

To get into the interior of the forest, one can avail of the jeeps. The jeeps go till a limit so that the wildlife is not disturbed by the vehicles. If you are willing to go even interior to that, you can make your experience adventurous with an elephant ride.


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