Singshore Bridge

Singshore Bridge

West Sikkim is fully covered with high mountain ranges and it is not the place for tourism, rather it is the place for the mountaineers. However, still, there are two places to be visited at the place and they are concentrated around Pelling – the queen of the West Sikkim. One of the two things to be watched around the place is the mountain bridge of Singshore. If you have not seen this bridge hanging from one mountain to another, you have missed so many things and almost missed the magic of Sikkim too.

The Bridge details

The bridge is a hanging one and is 960 meters from the ground level. It is the second-highest among all the hanging bridges of Asia, the highest being in China. Outstanding view of the bridge made of iron and steel is a glory to watch and also unbelievable to find that it is a creation made by the human. There is almost nothing at the ground of the bridge, except a narrow stream seen from the bridge top. On both sides, there are mountains and is also the area which is highly used by the mountaineers to reach the Kanchenjunga peak, through the alpine forest.

What to see

The most awkward experience that you will find at the place is the height of the bridge. The height of the bridge could not be understood unless you give a leap at the bottom of it. However, as soon as you give it a look, your mind will start feeling around effect. You can throw down a heavy and big stone from the bridge to the land below, which is having not habitant. The experience from that is awesome then. You will see that the stone will look like a coiled paper ball and will float down to the ground, just as a paper ball does. This will help you to make an estimate of the height of the bridge too.

How to reach

The Singshore Bridge is 5 kilometers from the town of Pelling and is one of the wonders of the entire Sikkim too. Take a car from the town and that will reach you there at the spot.


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