Rinchenpong is a town in West Sikkim, which is around 40 km west of Gangtok, 10 km due south of Gyalshing or Geyzing, near the city Kaluk. Rinchenpong has an altitude of 5576ft (1,700m). It is also known for the Rigsum Monastery and its trekking courses. Rinchenpong and Kaluk are a late expansion to the places to visit in West Sikkim. This place is well known for the beautiful view of the Kanchenjunga range of mountains. The KalukRinchenpong region is also the zone for well known Barsey rhododendron Sanctuary.

The town is not only known for its beautiful area and quiet climate. Explorers looked into this place for the stunning views of the Kanchenjunga runs that it offers.

What to see

Rinchenpong Monastery

Rinchenpong Monastery

Rinchenpong Monastery was founded in 1730 by the Ngadakpa Lama in the village of Rinchenpong. It is the third oldest monastery in Sikkim, beginning with around 98 lamas. The monastery houses a rare Ati Buddha (Adi Buddha) statue in the Yab-Yum position. Ati Buddha also termed as The Primordial Buddha. In the Yab-Yum position, the Buddha is shown meditating while embracing a woman. In Buddhism, it signifies the power of the union of the male and female.

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Poison Lake

The Poison Lake isn’t a long way from the Rinchenpong monastery and can reach through walking. The lake is currently dry, and there is a British Bungalow in ruins adjacent to the lake. The place has recorded importance. As per the locals here, when the British invaded the zone, local people poisoned this lake since it was the wellspring of water for the British power.

Sirijunga Temple

The full name of the place is Teyongsi Sirijunga Limboo Cultural Heritage and Research Center. Teyongsi Sirijunga Sin Thebe was a Limboo researcher of the eighteenth century. The inside is relied upon to have a 36 feet bronze statue of the researcher. The place is arranged around 18 km from Rinchenpong at a place called Chayatal.

Chayatal Lake

The little lake with its school of fishes is the famous touring point for voyagers. Fantastic views of the mountain extend likewise observable from here.

Hee Water Garden

The Garden is a well-known destination near Hee that is around 10 km from Kaluk. The water plant has an eatery, two substantial swimming pools, and a unique spot other than a little waterway stream.

Singshore Bridge

Singshore Bridge

Singshore Bridge, with a height of over 100 m and 240 m in length, is the highest bridge in Sikkim and the second-highest bridge in Asia. It is truly a man-made marvel that offers the spectacular base view of immense greenery that makes it difficult to distinguish between the lowlands and the mountains. You can feel the thrill when you are standing in the middle of the bridge and the strong wind blows. The river flowing through the uneven rocks seems breathtaking along with the effusive sound of the waterfalls. It is one of the oldest bridge that connects two hills and shortens the travel time as well as the distance for the trekkers. This engineer’s triumph is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sikkim.

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Uttarey is a small village close to the Nepal border in West Sikkim. The place is about 30 km from the popular tourist destination of Pelling. Uttarey is popular among tourists for the serene environment of the place and many tourist attractions in and around. From the higher ridges of the Uttarey hills, view of the great mountain of Kanchenjunga can be seen.

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Tenzing Hillary Park

About 5 km from Uttarey is the Tenzing Hillary stop. The place is a pleasant spot for nature lovers with an incredible perspective of the environment. There is a vast statue of the two mountain climbers.

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

The Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary occupies 104 km2 in the Singalila Range in western Sikkim. It borders on Nepal to the west, and on the state of West Bengal to the south across the Rambong Khola stream. The rhododendrons bloom during March and April.

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When to reach

Between January To February

The temperature swings between 3 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius during these months. It gets too cold during the winters here. But the best views of the mountains can be enjoyed during this season. If you are visiting Sikkim during the winter, then ensure you pack warm clothes.

Between March To October

The most elevated temperature recorded is 88°F, which would make you want to head to the closest bistro to enjoy a glass of chilled drink. This season sees normal precipitation of 21.77 mm.

Between November To December

Are you one of those who sit tight for winters to flaunt all the warm clothes? At that point, the best time to visit Rinchenpong for you would be this season. The pertinently high humidity amid this time makes for entirely cold evenings as well. Expect normal precipitation of 5.6 mm.

How to reach

From Pelling, you may come to Rinchenpong either through Dentam or through Legship. The Dentam course is not so much traveled but rather more lovely. From New Jalpaiguri (NJP) or Bagdogra, you may take after the first or second course. The separation is around 130 km. From Darjeeling, you may drive through the alternate route Patlebong course through which Rinchenpong is only 65 km.

From Gangtok, you may either take after the RavanglaLegship – Reshi – Rinchenpong course or the Melli – Jorethang – Reshi course. Rinchenpong is around 137 km through this course.


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