Cholamu Lake

Cholamu Lake

Sikkim is a place of great exploration, where there are endless lakes of which Cholamu Lake is one, endless river sources, high ranges and this is also the place where the Himalaya started to rise up to its highest level in Nepal. The East Sikkim remained the place of passes, whereas the north Sikkim is mostly the area for trekkers. The place is having all the features that a trekker will love to roam about and the most important part that you must not forget to tell is the natural beauty of this part of Sikkim. It is such that every trekker will love to go since to them the best reward is the beauty of nature, which they explore after covering a long and tough distance.

Features and site seeing

Cholamu Lake is in the region of North Sikkim and in Cholamu itself. The nearest town that you will find to it is Lachen and the area is also close to the biggest lake in the area, Gurudongmar. Hence once you reach the place, you must not miss viewing that too. Coming to the features of this lake, it is the highest of all the lakes in India and is located at 5300 feet altitude. It is also the source of the river Tista and hence is an important location for Geologists too. The natural beauty of the place is just amazing and that makes you feel that you have reached paradise, which might be few kilometers from there, but not more than that.

Location and how to go

The place is in the north Sikkim that we have mentioned earlier only. The nearest town to the place is Lachen and that is the town which will provide the taxis to reach this lake. However, the place is near to the Indo-Tibetan borderland hence is a location where you need permission from the government to reach. If you have not planned the trip to the place and decide to go there after reaching Lachen, you will have to wait for a day or two to get permission. Hence the best practice will be to contact a tourism service since they will generate the permission fast.


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