North Sikkim


Singhik is a little hamlet town in the north region of Sikkim. Located at a distance of 4 km from Mangan on North Sikkim Highway,


Chungthang a small town in North Sikkim, located at the junction of Lachen & Lachung rivers, where they form the Teesta River.


Mangan is a small town in Northern Sikkim and the gateway to the north of the state also known as the Cardamom Capital of India.


Lachen is the sister town of Lachung, tucked away in the Himalayan surprises, surrounded by the Lachen Chu river and mountain ranges.

Zemu Glacier

The road to Zemu Glacier is straight out of a painting with flowing waterfalls, twinkling streams, & pristine views from the backdrop of a trek.

Dongkha La

Joseph Dalton Hooker during his travels across the eastern Himalayas described Dongkha La as the riskiest pass that he ever crossed.