Saila Srikhetra

Saila Srikhetra

Among the different temples that have been constructed lately in Odisha, Saila Srikhetra is one of the top and one of the magnificent looking temples. The beauty of the temple is not only in the height of the temple but also in the area that the temple surrounds. The area of the temple is huge and the entire area is beautifully arranged with some awesome constructions. The height of the temple is also over 100 ft and that makes the structure look awesome throughout the year.

The Temple surroundings

A beautiful temple complex has been constructed on Sunasagada Hill top at Angul. The main temple has Mukhasala, Jagamohan, Natyamandir and a Garvagriha. Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Devi Subhadra are worshiped in the main temple. Godess Laxmi , Bimala, Sarawati are worshiped in this complex. This temple complex attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. The main temple has a spread of 7500 sq. ft. It is 111 ft. tall.

Festivals in the temple

The temple is one of the latest created constructions. Proposal of the temple was taken during the 70s and it was completed and inaugurated in the year 1994. Among the different festivals that are held in the compound and in the surrounding area include the car festival and that is held during the time of Ratha Yatra. The car festival and other festivals associated with Lord Jagannath are observed in Saila Srikhetra.

Construction articulates

The temple is having three phases in it. The first of them is the entrance, which is majestic in looks and covered by different stalls, who remain throughout the year for attending the pilgrims and providing them the elements of Puja. The next Performa is at the entrance of the main temple. Made in a copper hue, the stone structure is awesome and architectural skills encrypted over the temple gate wall are awesome to look at. In the end, there lies the main temple and that is 111 feet high, showing its audacity and extremity to all the pilgrims. A journey to the area and a view of the temple is going to give a feeling that you have never imagined.

How to reach

By Air

Nearest Airport to Saila Srikhetra is Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar. Distance between the airport and Saila Srikhetra is around 160 Kms.

By Train

The temple is around 160 kms from State Capital, Bhubhaneswar and well connected by Rail. From Angul Railway Station, it is about 4 kms.

By Road

The temple is around 160 kms from State Capital, Bhubaneswar and well connected by Road. The temple is situated in the road side of National Highway on Sunasagad Hilltop.


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