This is a famous hot water spring of Odisha and is located in the Deulajhari of Angul district of Odisha. The temperature of the hot water spring located inside the Kund of the place ranges to around 40 degrees centigrade and hence is perfect for taking a warm bath.

Due to the balanced content of sulfur in the water of the place, the natural hot water spring is awesome for the treatment of many skin diseases. The place always remains crowded and especially in the months of November and December, the place remains overcrowded.

All about the spring

Deulajhari is located in the state of Odisha that exerts a pull on an add up to numerous tourists as of all about the world. Enclosed by emerald velvety forests, the hot water spring is positioned near and Athamalik of Deulajhari. The renowned sulfur hot water spring of Deulajhari elongates above an immense area and preserves an elevated degree of temperature. The hot water spring of springs up commencing underneath a Shiva linga that is attached to various religious dimensions.

All about the Pond

The spring here is a natural one, but the pond, where the spring water assembles is not a natural one but manmade. The hot water from the Deulajhari spring is unruffled into thirty-six man-made ponds that confine a temple of Shiva almost fifty percent of the springs are cold-water springs, being close to the hot water springs, these springs are believed to possess some miraculous powers. There is also a belief that the hot water springs in this region contain properties that can cure diseases.

When & how to reach

The tourist also visits these places for religious values too. is not to difficult as it is positioned in Angul which is easily accessible from National Highway 42, so you can be availed with regular services of the bus which connects all the parts of Odisha. The awesome experience that you will gain at your visit to the place will remove all your pains, that you will find in the course of your journey.


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