Jaimangla Garh Temple

Jaimangla Garh Temple

Begusarai is a district of Bihar, which itself is a historical place. With that, there are a number of Historical places in the district and some of them are from the age, which is not known to anyone. Jaimangla Garh temple is such a place, which is a historic location for sure, but there is no trace of the history of the place. The place got a mention for practices of mysticism in the text of Buddhism. Jaimangla Garh Temple has also been mentioned n the other books, but all of them exceed the other one in age, thus turning back the history of the page by centuries. Finally, the local people are the ones who had to decide the age of the place and they decided it to be the time from the death of Devi Sati. They claimed that the place is having one of the body parts of Devi and hence is a Shaktipeeth too. However, there is no mention of the place among the 51 Shaktipeeths.

About the temple

The temple is age-old and is said that the environment, soil of the temple has the power of mysticism built into it. For that reason, it was once the place of Black Magic of Tantric and later it also became the place of mysticism for the Buddhists. The outstanding look of the Devi here in the temple is another thing that makes a deep impact on the mind of the tourists. The Devi here is frightening and is age-old, by looks.

What to see

The temple is even today crowded with different Tantric and that makes the place a holy region too of the entire district of Begusarai. Although not a Shaktipeeth, according to the Aghoris, the world itself is the adobe of her, since energy is the only thing that rules overall.

How to reach

To reach the place, you will have to get hold of a taxi from the main town of Begusarai. If you wish to get a bus, you can also go for that. In that case, you will have to get a local vehicle to reach the Temple gate, form the bus stand.


  1. Once there was a demon who wished to marry that beautiful lady goddess but goddess Denied to marry that demon.
    after so many practices of that demon goddess had put a condition,’if that demon made her temple within a single night they only she can marry him. That demon agreed with that condition and start doing the task but suddenly goddess changed herself into cock and crow at mid of the night. That demon realised now he has lost and cut down one Brest of the goddess . At that time goddess crush that demon and the landlord ” में शराप देती हूं अगर इस वंश का कोई भी पक्का का घर बनाएगा तो उसका वंश ख़तम हो जाए गा उसके वंश में लड़के का वंश नहीं आगे बढ़े गा।” And from that time landlord leaves that property and settled in different place . My great grandmother and her sister was the last persons from that padigree. My great grandmother do not had any brother.


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