Begusarai Museum

Begusarai Museum

Constructed in the year 1982, this is the oldest museum of the Begusarai district and the pride of the district too. Begusarai museum is having all he eminent things that you are looking for at the ancient place of Bihar and hence is one of the places that you must not miss in your trip to the district.

Begusarai is one of the oldest districts of Bihar and not only that there are some or certain places in the district which are having indefinite age. This implies that the place is having a heritage resource of knowledge, devotion, myths, and mysticism. All the things can be best understood if scripts can be seen and they are available in the museum of Begusarai.

What to check

The first thing that you must be looking for is the historical findings that have been explored from the different parts of the district. You will be very happy to know that the museum has been constructed for that very purpose and thus you will be overwhelmed by looking at the collection of the museum. Outstanding view of the arts and architecture of the place, in terms of pottery and other things, will astonish you.

While finding out the age of the potteries and the different elements that have been unearthed and placed at the museum, you will not be amazed but will start thinking in a different way, about the mystery of the place and the history of it. After several attempts too, you will not be able to understand the exact age of the place, by any means.

Tickets & visibility

Every museum must have some tickets so that maintenance can be done to the location and things can be arranged in a better way. Some museums, with the collected amount, even make expeditions of different explorations. This museum is not an exception to that, where visiting hour is long but strict.

How to reach

To reach the place, the best way is to get through some travel companies. The museum will not have any guide to make you understand the things. Hence a travel company will act as a guide for you.


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