Ajatshatru Fort

Ajatshatru Fort

Begusarai is an important district of Bihar having many important locations for tourism like Ajatshatru Fort. Among the different locations that you have gone through, you have found some evidence of history that dates back to 1000 years and even 1500 years.

Wherever you have heard about the history of 2000 or more years, you felt that those are myths, without giving a thought that the places can be real even. For that reason might be, here is a place at Begusarai, which will say you about 2500 years back, with proper evidence just before your eyes.


Ajatshatru fort has been a fort of the most powerful ruler of Bihar or the so-called Magadh after the period of Krishna’s death. The fort has been named after the constructor only and he was the son of Bimbisara, who was a dead-end follower of Gautam Buddha. However, Bimbisara was a follower of both Buddhism and Jainism and hence the fort has both the signs of the sects. The fort is now a ruin but the structure and the rocks that were used have been protected well, under the surveillance of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). Ajatshatru died in the year 461 BC and hence the fort must be of that age or can be a decade older.

Where to stay

Places to reside in the area are the main town of Begusarai, which is also a renowned business center of Bihar. Hence getting a resort to traveling around from there will not be any problem for the tourists.

When to reach

You can visit the fort at any time. The most preferable time to visit is in the month of June and November.

How to reach

To reach Begusarai, one can avail of trains from Patna and even from other parts of Odisha. Ajatshatru fort is located in the suburb region of Begusarai and it will hardly take an hour to reach there from the main town, or your resort.


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