Saddle Peak

Saddle Peak

The Saddle Peak is the highest peak of Andamans. The grand Saddle Peak, located in, rises from the lush evergreen forest and overlooks the beautiful Andaman coast of North and Middle Andaman. At 732 meters, it is the highest point of the archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The surroundings are a bio-diverse nature paradise as the thick jungle offers a home to over 13 indigenous birds species, 36 indigenous species of insects, and 6 species of indigenous trees. Due to the richness of the forest territory, it is recognized into a National Park. Saddle Peak is popular for trekking and perfect for adventure seekers.

The climb is steep and 8kms long. On a sunny day, it could be a challenge for some of the most experienced trekkers too!

The only river of Andamans flows through the forest and offers a refreshing freshwater stream where water is still drinkable. The path follows the beach and then cuts through different types of the jungle up to the top. There are three viewpoints. The middle one is the best to get a beautiful view of the islands nearby.

The journey

To make this trip till the peak and come back, once needs to start early in the morning, because the sun sets early around 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm and you have to reach the base of the peak before 4:30 pm for safety reasons as per the forest departments guidelines. The cab takes you till the base of the hill from where you are supposed to start the trek. You have to walk within the forest at the sea level itself for about 1 hour 30 minutes before you reach a stream, after reaching the stream the climbing to the Saddle Peak ultimately begins. Until you reach the stream things will be very easy and you will enjoy your walk amidst nature.

For this trek, you can get a guide who can accompany you during your trek to make sure you are on the right track. The guides take you to the right places to peep through for a view, the right place to sit down, and relax when you are too tired to start again and complete the trek. After a trek of 3 hours, you reach the 1st stage of the trek – a scenic viewpoint that gives a beautiful view. From the location, you can also see the second peak and the final top peak of the Saddle Peak.

While trekking through the jungle, you will come across many tree species and several edible wild fruits. These trees are huge and make ahead circle which keeps the forest cool and saves you from the sun even on a bright sunny day which makes your trek a bit easier. From here you need to trek another 3 to 3.5 hours to reach the top of the saddle peak. There are only 1-2 eco shades erected that have bamboo seating. A freshwater stream is found that flows in between some big and small rocks and the roots of the trees that draw water from the rains. The entire trek will be around 10 hours.

When to reach

The best time to visit the peak is between November to March when the temperature is a breeze and a little bit of cold.

How to reach

To reach Saddle Peak you need to visit Diglipur first. From the Diglipur market visit the Lamia Bay that is the base of Saddle Peak.

The Veer Savarkar Airport, an International Airport located in the capital town of Port Blair, is the gateway to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is connected with Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi by air. Many airlines operate regular flights. From Port Blair, Regular Bus services of government and private busses are available for Diglipur via Andaman Trunk Road (ATR).


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