Pathi Level Beach

Pathi Level Beach

The Pathi Level beach is a remote and fresh beach on the island of Diglipur in Andaman. The beach also is known for its quiet silence and the escape from the noise that it provides of being undeveloped and not spoilt by tourists and locals. The beach is located approximately 21 kilometers from Diglipur Township and is perfect for a relaxing day. Although the beauty of the beach lies in its isolated nature, this means that visitors must carry snacks and water with them, as no hotels or restaurants are surrounding the beach.

What to see

The Pathi Level beach provides travelers with the much needed relaxing day that everyone who visits Andaman hopes. The beach is a perfect combination of crystal clear waters and sandy shorelines that give way to an almost unrealistic view. Pathi Level Beach is known for observing points for the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. If you step into the water, you can also lookout for the marine life and corals that are visible from the surface. Snorkeling in the blue waters is also an indulging activity.

Aside from this, picnics strolls on the shore, and sitting under the shade of the lush green trees are also great activities that might help you relax. Whatever you choose to do, the isolation of the Pathi Level beach will make it tenfold relaxing and give you a much-needed break from human crowds that everyone requires.

How to reach

The Veer Savarkar Airport, an International Airport located in the capital town of Port Blair, is the gateway to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is connected with Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi by air. Many airlines operate regular flights. From Port Blair, Regular Bus services of government and private busses are available for Diglipur via Andaman Trunk Road (ATR).


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