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Rumtek Monastery


Among all the monasteries of India, Rumtek Monastery plays an important role, not only for tourism and Buddhism but also in the political world of the monks. Although Buddhism has been denoted to be the religious sect of Hinduism which is dead against warfare and battle, still the monastery faced such instances as the Indian Army put an attack on them. Since then, the thing is not settled at the place and is also called the most unrest monastery of India. The outstanding location has a history too and the first construction of it was in the year of 1700 by the 12th Karmapa lama.

History after that

After the construction of the Rumtek Monastery, it was regarded to be the best and the largest of Asia too. However, violence strictly operated by Indian army at the location destroyed the entire monastery, it was only after the 16th lama who took the charge of it and re-established the monastery in the late 60s. Participation of Sikkim Royal family in the construction of the Dharmachakra center is also unavoidable in the process. The area is still patrolled by the Indian army, who are deeply hated by the locals and also by the monastery members.

What to see

There are different things to be arched inside the monastery, out of which is the most preferred view is the golden stupa inside the main room of the house. The scenic beauty of the place surrounding the monastery is also wonderful, where you can see the deep canyon at the back, within which the turbulent Tista flows. At the distance you will find the Gangtok city on the hills and of course, the snow-laden mountain stands still at the front of the monastery, all making the place dreamland of Karmapa lamas.

How to reach

The place is only 24 kilometres from the city of Gangtok and hence is easy to reach there with a taxi. You can get the taxis from the MG road stand if the city only. However, the place is also covered within the tour plan of all the tourist companies that makes tourism in East Sikkim.

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